I started this blog as a place to post short fiction, or as a referral site to locations where longer pieces of my work could be found–thus the subtitle “stories for all.”

But what this site has become over a year’s time is a place for me to explore some of the questions that motivate and underlie my fiction. Sometimes these questions grow directly out of a specific work, sometimes they are raised by reading of another’s work, sometimes they are spun off from my work in progress or under consideration–or maybe the questions derive from all these sources and more, from life in general or in particular. I often don’t know any more about the source of the question than I know about the answer. But maybe, as with all really good questions, the answer is not as important as the asking.

So I’m asking, here for your perusal, and also in my fiction–some of it here but mostly elsewhere (check the links buried in the posts, or go to www.smashwords.com). I’d like to think that in aggregate I make some headway toward answers, but I’m not confidant of that. What I am sure of is that the journey, for me anyway, is instructive and oddly consoling. I can only hope that one of those adjectives, or some positive others, will apply to your sharing in this journey.


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