Monthly Archives: April 2018

Hi, y’all. I’ve been away for a whilenot sleeping like Rip Van Winkle, more like dreaming, or living in a dream.

There’s an epigraph to a recent novel that reads in part: There comes a time when you realize that everything is a dream. This is not exactly an original thought. Remember singing in grade school: Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream! But it does help remind us that we aren’t so much living a reality as floating through something much more complex than the world we see or even all the ones we read about and watch. The dream we are a part of contains an infinite variety of realms and dimensions–the ones we see, some we might glimpse for a fleeting second, others we sense but never truly perceive, and then all the rest that surround us that we never sense or know. Science confirms some of this vast multitude of hidden realms, and science is in its infancy. Religion intimates still more and promises greater understandings await us. Yet still we fall far short of grasping the whole, and always will. But that’s O.K. We’re not meant to know everything, only to be a part of everything.

And wonder at the rest.

Over five years ago–five years! yikes!–I published a story called “Whiteout” and wrote about it on this blog in a series of three posts. In the post titled “Whiteout #3” I reflected on what it might mean to start at the white-hot center of a romance and build outward from that core to illustrate in narrative form first the larger romance by itself then the world surrounding that romance. Think of it as a crime-scene investigation of the heart. You have the “crime”–that is, the moment of highest romance and love–and you work outwards, both backwards and forwards, to better understand the factors contributing to that moment of transcendence. In such an investigation, might we actually discover the cause of love, the perpetrator? I don’t know. Maybe. But in any case, the investigation might be interesting and entertaining.

Well, fast-forward five years. I’m pleased to announce that some of the investigation of the crime of high romance portrayed in “Whiteout” has been completed and published. The larger story of the romance first portrayed in “Whiteout” has been published as Becca’s Book and the story of the world that led up to, surrounded,and followed that romance is contained in the novel Before the Mellowing Year, with three parts currently published and a fourth to follow in a few months. The third part is Before the Mellowing Year, Book Two, Part I and is the one that deals most directly with the romance. But you may also wish to read the earlier parts as they provide greater background–the fertile soil, if you will–of how and why that romance came about.

And keep an eye out for Before the Mellowing Year, Book Two, Part II as it continues the investigation of the romance and the world that surrounded it.