The Annunciation #3


At one bar, a grungy hole-in-the-wall called 17 Stop after the highway it bordered, it seemed an impromptu high-school reunion with so many of Zach’s classmates, especially teammates from the basketball team, sprinkled about the packed room. Some of those players were already almost incoherent, slurring their words and leaving their arms over his shoulder not out of affection but for support. Others shook his hand like they were trying to break it off or punched his shoulder harder than playful familiarity, asking what he was doing with his life and why he hadn’t gone on to play college ball. Zach kept his responses short and superficial, feeling like he’d been dropped in a surreal dream populated by changed faces he almost recognized but couldn’t quite grasp.

The 17 Stop is where “The Annunciation” starts out–just your typical small-town bar on a Friday night. But it’s not where Zach, or “The Annunciation,” ends up. Sometimes life’s most profound revelations arise from the most mundane, and in this case profane, of circumstances. And sometimes their appearance is quite sudden, and almost always unexpected. And usually they come in the form of a person.

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