Reading and Recipes #1

Everybody likes to eat and some people like to read, and some of those who like to read also like to eat while they read. (An old mason I knew would say everyday a few minutes before noon–“A man gots to eat to work and gots to work to eat” then would sit down and open up his lunch that was always bigger and better than mine!)

For those of you who like to both eat and read fiction, I’ve got a website for you! It’s called Reading and Recipes ( ).

It’s set up like this: each week there will be a new post that offers both a simple recipe for a delicious dessert for one or two people accompanied by a piece of my fiction taken from one of my short stories or novels. The dessert recipe will be chosen and tested by a fine young woman who loves to cook (if you don’t believe me, check out her food blog at ). And the fiction piece will be available in either text or audio format (an mp3 recording read by yours truly). Further, the fiction will be serialized, with each new post continuing the story started the week before–until that story is finished and we start on a new one!

Initially, the stories will be drawn from mine currently available on; so some of you may already have read one or more of them. But I’m sure you haven’t heard them read by the author while eating a scrumptious dessert!

So stop by Reading and Recipes ( ) and check it out. What do you have to lose? (You might gain a pound or two, but you can take that off with a brisk walk the next day–all the while thinking about that wonderful story that was read to you!)


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