Birthday Dinner #4


Hi, y’all (bet you don’t know what part of the world I live in)–

Just a quick post to let you know that my short novel, Birthday Dinner, was just published on (Yay!)

If you’d like to take a look, it can be found at . Unlike “Wyoming” and “Whiteout,” this e-book is not free. I’m asking $1.99 (hey, that’s barely $0.01 per page!). Also, you can read the first 30% online for free to see if you like it! So give it a try! What do you have to lose–a few minutes of time to read the free part? And who knows what you might gain–a fun escape into an engaging story, a slow immersion into the world of Zach and Becca, Jonah and Mrs. Brackett, the sinister Snake and the dangerous Latonya. And if you’re willing to support my writing with the price of purchase–well, thank you very much!

I said this will be a quick post, and I intend to keep that promise (need to get to bed so I can go to work in the morning–can’t pay all my bills at $1.99 per e-copy of Birthday Dinner). But just a quick thought that links Birthday Dinner and my casual greeting above. The novel is about more than Zach and Becca, and more than trying to save the eminently salvageable Jonah. It’s also about the upper south in the period immediately following the upheavals of the civil-rights movement. In other words, it’s about a time of critical transition in a region of the country that is becoming increasingly powerful and important. Behind the lives of these characters, and through their lives, we see a society at a crossroads. After centuries of racial segregation and oppression, just where is this society headed under the new, externally imposed rules of integration and equal opportunity? And who will implement these rules? And how? There’s a battle being fought in the trenches of these people’s lives, in the flooded chambers of their hearts, the broad vistas of their hopes–how will it play out? who wins?

It’s late. More on this later.



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