Birthday Dinner #1

Just so you know–

I’m working on publishing a longer project called Birthday Dinner: A Novel. I label it “a novel” because I think that’s the genre it most closely approximates. (And though I use the term novella in everyday speech, I find it wishy-washy and am reluctant to use it for this or any of my work. Short story and novel are the commonly recognized terms for prose fiction; and of those two, Birthday Dinner is a novel.)

But at 125 manuscript pages, it is certainly short for a novel, long for a short story. I think its best future would be as a stage or screen play, though it is not currently written in drama form and that genre is one with which I have no experience. But Birthday Dinner is highly visual and dramatic, and I think its narrative scope would fit well into a movie or play. In my observation, novels adapted for the screen are often too rushed, or leave out important parts, to fit into a normal movie timeframe. On the other hand, short stories adapted for screen or stage are too brief, or seem too thin from a narrative or character development perspective, or add scenes to the original story to build characters or extend the action. Birthday Dinner, falling between short story and novel in length and content, would fit comfortably into a play or movie. So I’ll hope for that as its eventual destiny.

In the meantime, I plan to make Birthday Dinner available as an e-book on and am looking into print-on-demand hard-copy publishing options. Ideally, I’d like my longer works (including this one) available in both electronic and hard-copy forms. However, the costs–in my limited resources and in the price to the end purchaser–may make such hard-copy publication impractical at this time. But I’m looking into it.

In any case, I expect to publish Birthday Dinner: A Novel in the not too distant future. And just maybe there will be an excerpt or two shared on this website prior to publication.

So keep an eye out for it.


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  1. Elaine said:

    Woohoo!! Can’t wait.
    #1 Fan

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