Whiteout #2

Whiteout cover #4


This post is to let you know that I now have a second short story, “Whiteout,” available for viewing and/or downloading at smashwords.com. The link to the smashwords page for “Whiteout” is: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/291355“Whiteout” can be downloaded as many times and in as many formats as you like–for FREE! How exciting, for me anyway (though at this rate it may be awhile before I get rich off my fiction).

Speaking of downloads, for those of you who prefer to read a hard copy and have access to a printer, you should be able to download the pdf version of this story (or any others on smashwords that have a pdf download option) and print it out. I’ve not done this yet myself, but I assume it would be fairly straight forward. If the formatting remains the same as the file I uploaded, the hard-copy version should be 16 pages long, including the title page. Maybe I’ll try downloading “Whiteout” in pdf format to see what I get.

Later, once you’ve had a chance to look at “Whiteout,” I’ll share more information about the larger narrative context surrounding this story of one night in the lives of Zach and Becca. So check back in a few days, or sign up for e-mail alerts to new posts.

Until then, I hope you enjoy “Whiteout.” And check out “Wyoming” if you haven’t already done so. (What is it with these titles starting with W?! I think these are the only two “W” titles I’ve ever had. Someday it might be fun to vote on our favorite “W” title, then write the story that surrounds it!)






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