Whiteout #1

Greetings, all!

I have been 99.9% happy with my experience of publishing on smashwords.com. That 0.1% dissatisfaction (isn’t that always the way? you say you’re 99.9% happy with something and everyone wants to know about the 0.1% of discontent!) had to do with learning some of the formatting quirks required for proper publication. But even there I’m willing to assume 99.9% of the fault (and will resist explaining the 0.1% of fault that’s not mine). Once I figured out the formatting regimen, everything else went, and has gone, very smoothly. My story “Wyoming” has already (in five days) been downloaded WAY more than I ever would’ve hoped or expected. And it just became part of Smashwords Premium Catalog, which means it will be distributed to their major third-party vendors, including Apple and Sony. Can you see the smile on my face?

Given that succesful first venture, and hoping that you and others out there are at least a little interested in reading more of my fiction, I’m currently planning to publish a second short story on smashwords.com. And, after much deliberation, the executive board of jeffreyandersonfiction has voted to make the suggested retail price for this new story–are you ready for this?–FREE! I can hear the cheers all the way over here!

The story is called “Whiteout” and concerns Zach (the same Zach from “Wyoming”) and a new “friend,” Becca. Here’s a one-paragraph excerpt, taken from near the mid-point of the story:

Zach and Becca meandered through this boisterous crowd as in some sort of white-washed, deep-chilled fantasy—every sight and sound, smell and touch brilliantly vivid but also surreal in its utter lack of precedence or prior context. It was a moment and place cut out of time—a brittle fairyland populated by shrieking fauns and nymphs, a mid-winter night’s dreamscape of youthful revelry. They wandered through this great spontaneous outdoor party sometimes hand-in-hand, sometimes pulled apart by strangers or friends grabbing them and swinging them about. Everybody in sight or earshot was of a
single celebratory mindset, Zach and Becca included. Yet through this public celebration, they remained united in what they’d been given, what they held against all comers or claims.

The publication date for “Whiteout” has not yet been set, but it will be soon. Stay tuned (which is an old-fashioned, AM-radio-days way of saying check here often or sign up to receive e-mail alerts of new posts–a lot easier than keeping that AM radio tuned to jeffreyandersonfiction all the time!).



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