Wyoming #2

Okay, okay–the few of you that have found your way to this website have either come here from smashwords.com (where you’ve already had the chance to read the whole of “Wyoming” for free), or checked out the post “Wyoming #1” and found yourself sufficiently curious to go to smashwords.com and look at the whole story. HOWEVER–for those very few of you that have not yet looked at the whole of “Wyoming” and were perhaps intrigued but not convinced by “Wyoming #1” here’s another teaser–the last chapter of the short story (indulge me–I’m trying out my marketing skills, limited though they may be):

The next day dawned brilliantly clear, dry, and windy—same as all the previous dawns. Zach and Allison rose and went about their waking routines as before. The only evidence of the storm was in the color of the sagebrush—a few shades closer to green, further from gray—and in the splintered pine tree some twenty yards from the camp. The prairie had already shrugged off the violent storm and torrential rain of just a few hours before, tossing it aside as a minor disturbance in a history peppered with upheavals of far greater violence and destruction.

After finishing his cereal, Zach paused in front of Allison on his way to rinsing his bowl. “Want to try one more day?”

She looked up and shook her head once, her eyes never leaving his.

He nodded then turned from her stare. He was actually glad for her decisiveness and her decision, still deeply rattled himself—not only by the storm but also by his lack of preparation or awareness of danger.

They cleaned their dishes and gathered up their meager possessions and loaded them into the van. Zach used the small fireplace shovel to scoop the ashes out of the cookstove. He tossed them out the door and watched the wind carry them away. He reloaded the woodbox with branches and sticks he’d gathered from around the clearing the day before. Allison dusted the shelves and swept out the wagon. Zach filled in their potty hole with the shovel, then rinsed off their toilet-seat bucket with what remained of the soapy dish water. He left the bucket tucked under the front axle of the wagon, a token of civilization for the next occupants.

Allison waited in the passenger seat reading a magazine. Zach looked around the camp. He saw no obvious sign of their five-day stay. He didn’t know if that was a good or a bad thing then realized it was just the way it was out here. It would take a lot more than what he and Allison had wagered to leave a mark on this place. Maybe one day they’d return to try again.

So what do you think? Intrigued enough to click on the link below and check out the whole story? It’s free, and you might just find it worth your while, the reward of a chuckle or a snicker or even a gasp of amazement at the innocence and naiveté of these fervent youngsters. Are you tempted yet? If so, here: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/287850.



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